Review- THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #21


For many readers this is the issue of FUTURES END that we have been waiting for. Finally it will be revealed what happened during the 5 year gap. What happened to Earth 2? Why are some heroes held captive and some are not? What exactly happened to the Teen Titans? All this and more is revealed in this monumental issue of FUTURES END.

PositivesThe New 52 - Futures End 021-001

Finally following up with Green Arrow’s secret island is definitely the high point of this issue. After the shocking reveal, readers have patiently been waiting to see more of the Emerald Archer. The character interactions on the island were great. Barda so far in the series has seemed timid and unlike her former self. Longtime fans of the character will surely be happy by the end of this issue, as Barda begins to embrace all of the characteristics that have made the character a fan favourite.

While artist Ryan Sook has always produced amazing covers for the series, this week’s truly stands out. This action packed cover immediately grabs the reader’s attention, with explosions, fighting and larger than life characters displaced throughout the foreground. This issue’s coverreminds of some of the Star Wars movie posters that successfully melded the stories grandest moments and most prominent character neatly together on one page.

NegativesThe New 52 - Futures End 021-013

This issue was meant to reveal a lot of what happened during the 5 year time gap, but in the end it didn’t reveal a whole lot of anything. This was supposed to be a big issue, but it ended up feeling like we were told everything we were already thinking. Not a single piece of information provided by this issue felt new or shocking in anyway. While predictability has been a problem with this series before, this issue in particular is especially disappointing. The war between Earths has been a center point of the entire series, and a common plot point throughout all of the story lines. To have a moment like this revealed in such a lackluster way really takes away from the series significance.

Who exactly is Red Arrow supposed to be? Red Arrow on Earth two had a robotic arm and this one does not. Also, Red Arrow is supposed to be dead is he not? By not revealing this character’s identity, it creates a lot of confusing for those readers who have also been reading EARTH 2.



While I really wanted to like this issue I did not. While the cover makes the issue appear exciting, it’s actually quite boring and predictable. Time and time again this series has had pacing issues that are latter trumped by huge reveals. Unfortunately this issue falls short by providing readers with reveals that actually don’t reveal very much at all.



Gregg Hamm

Gregg Hamm

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