Harley Quinn RUMORS

jumpsuitAs far as women in the DC Universe Harley Quinn is my favorite without question. Smart, funny, pretty, and a little twisted she is an interesting character to follow. With the announcement of Suicide Squad many have speculated what the line-up will be. Will fans be treated to the classic Ostrander books, the New 52 incarnation, or maybe even a mash-up of the two. In any case it is seeming more likely that Harley Quinn will be amongst the team.

Cara Delevingne is a new actress up for an unknown role in the upcoming Suicide Squad. It was noted the she is up for a “key role.” The Actress hinted at the rumors on her Instagram by posting a picture of Harley.


Delevingne certainly looks the part but at this point these are all just rumors.

In early drafts of the script Harley Quinn was not included. Could this be a concrete confirmation that Harley is indeed appearing in the film? I hope it is. If the Harley Quinn train has left the station and Delevingne doesn’t work out I’m sure the next actress on the list would be great. In the instance that any help would be required I had a few ideas for who could play Harley.

I know a few are controversial seeing as one is part of the X-Men, but I do think they look the part. As far as the acting goes they can all play crazy. In my opinion it would be fun to see any of these woman portray Ms. Quinzel. To add one more fanboy opinion I would much prefer either the original jumpsuit or the Assault on Arkham take on the costume.

Other rumored casting revolving around the picture are Tom Hardy, Will Smith, and Ryan Gosling. Also it is rumored that Jessie Eisenberg will be asked to reprise his role as Lex Luthor in the movie.

Suicide Squad is set to release August 5, 2016


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  • WHAT ABOUT MARGOT?!?! She’s PERFECT for Harley!!!! I really don’t think Cara will make a good job trying to portray Harley. She’s a pretty hard character…. Margot is perfect for it.

    • Julian

      for sure, thats why I like my 5 pics over Cara

      • I’ll be really bummed out if Cara is indeed Harley. Margot just screams “Harley Quinn” all over her… if Cara is actually in the movie then I’d like for her to be a random villain…. or Killer Frost.
        She’d kinda look like a Killer Frost to me if it wasn’t for those bushy eyebrows of hers.

        • Julian

          exactly! now we just need a giganta

          • OH yes! I need Giganta to look like in Justice League: Unlimited though. She looked so gorgeous yet, so dangerous. It’s just a perfect combination. It’d be nice to see how they implement Giganta into it since, well her name says it all. She’d be great in the Flash show though since Grodd has already been confirmed.

  • Btw, you forgot to put Margot with Hardy, Smith and Gosling.

    • Julian

      touche you got me, i figured the pic did better justice