Adam West Talks Batman DVD Release

Adam West is as glad as many batfans are for the long-awaited release of his Batman show on DVD.
“I’m so tired of people asking me, ‘When, when, when?’” he said, feigning an air of annoyance about the pent-up demand, then added, “I’m totally delighted it’s out now.”
He also says fans are in store for a complete restoration of the series.
“You are going to have three times the fun, at least. It’s so beautifully remastered that every molecule, every pore, everything, you can see wonderfully,” West replied. With the video’s clarity, he said, “if we everPeople-Adam West-Batman
made a mistake, viewers can point it out.” 

The collection not only contains the entire 120-episode run, but also includes interviews with surviving cast members.
Out of the villains on the show, West considers Frank Gorshin’s Riddler his favorite, followed closely by Burgess Meredith’s Penguin.
Adam West leaped at the chance when he was first offered the role of Batman.
“From the moment I read that first script by Lorenzo Semple Jr. I said, ‘Sign me up.’ I found it so amusing, so incredibly funny, but so exciting for kids that I just wanted the chance to cook with that character.”
West, currently 86, enjoys spending time with his family at his home in Ketchum, Idaho.
The Batman TV Series is currently on Blu-Ray and DVD, available to own from various retailers.