Review – Superman/Wonder Woman #13

Writer: Peter J Tomasi

Cover Art: Doug Mahnke, Tomeu Morey

Pencils: Doug Mahnke

Ink: Jaime Mendoza

Colourist: Tomeu Morey


Date Night for Wonder Woman and Superman is cut short as the Indian Point Nuclear Point Power Plant is attacked by Atomic Skull and Major Disaster. We also get a flashback 5 years to the power couple mid battle sharing very different battle philosophies.



The internal artwork has some panels of pure delight to the eyes. The expression in Wonder Woman’s facial expressions and her eyes were drawn, inked and coloured to perfection.  The night sky flight page was just beautiful and definitely sets a sweet mood for the pair.

The typewriter scene is actually rather endearing and it was nice to see the contrast between the present and the flash back.



Atomic skull. First impression was that Bones from Batwoman (Rucka/Williams/Blackmore era) was back but dipped in purple glow. The two villains seemed to be nothing special and hoping this is just a filler moment to ruin date night.


Final Thought

Not the biggest fan of this Power Couple (much more team Batman) I still found this issue to have some really cute moments that allow you to become more attached to them and find a common link to the characters. After all who hasn’t had a date interrupted, or writer’s block?

Its these little moments that give us the chance to connect with the story as it’s the day to day struggles that make them all the more human, and allow us to become emotionally invested in a series.

This is a series I think I will be happy to the regular read list for a while and see how it develops.