Dark Knight RC Tumbler Released

Soap Studio, a fledgling design firm established in early 2014, has released it’s first product for sale…a 1/12 scale Dark Knight Trilogy RC Tumbler!

This beautiful piece, which is controlled solely by an app available on iOS and Android devices, is available in two ways, the “Driver Pack” and the “Deluxe Pack”.  The “Driver Pack” includes just the car, which has the following features:

-App controlled cockpit door
-11 x Cockpit LED light-up function with sound effect
-Adjustable 480p night vision camera, first person vision within mobile app
-Path recording and replay function
-Camera for photo snap and video recording
-Voice intercom function
-Remote-controlled spoiler’s movements
-Driving mode app interface is made after the Tumbler driving board in the movie
-Attack mode app interface imitates the driving board display during the Tumbler attack mode
-App controllable Jet-Power mode to boost up speed by 30% with movie-like Red and Blue LED light and Jet-power sound effects
-2100mAH Li-On battery for up to 1.5 Hours play time
-25 x high power LED lights


The “Deluxe Pack” not only includes the car, but also has the following extra features:

-Detail furnished Batman figure (“Batman Begins” version)
36 points of articulations
2 types of Weapons (Batarangs x 2, Magnetic Grappling Gun x 1)
8pcs of palms
Capes x 2 (Normal cape x 1, Plasticity cape x 1)
Size: About 6″ (16cm) height
-Display theatre charger with LED lights
“Neo Sensor” motion detection remote-controlled LED light on/off function
A specially designed Batman Logo bridge with 4 LED down-light
A specially designed Gotham City diorama base
Charging cable housed in a Gotham City drain cover
8 x adjustible LED up-light on the base
Over 20 LED inside the stage for blue light penetration effect
Laser engraved metallic label
-Batarang remote control for display

Both packs are available on the Soap Studio website, with the “Driver Pack” costing just over $500 and the “Deluxe Pack” costing just under $650.


Sources: Soap Studio