Review- Green Arrow #39


The blame game is played in this week’s Green Arrow as Oliver Queen finds himself not only bankrupt but the reason as to why one of his friends is now spending the night in Supermax Prison.

7Ben Sokolowski has done a really good job at delivering a clever and witty script for this issue. As a side note to the main arc line, this little episode of getting Felicity out of Supermax turned out to be a well-balanced script. It had drama, action and even some hilarious references to some popular shows on TV. I think Sokolowski captures Oliver quite well and I’m glad to see that the gaggy flirt of a superhero isn’t on these pages, that he actually takes his job seriously and intends to fight Mr. King in his city. It’s a nice change from the goof of Justice League and makes him seem more like the superhero that his city needs.

5Daniel Sampere, Jonathan Glapion and Gabe Elateb have really taken their art above and beyond. I’m impressed at how detailed and beautiful the panels are from the pencils to the ink and all the way into the colour. There is plenty of nice bright hues that work really well against the heavy black and grey of the prison scenes. They have also taken just as much care with the female characters as well as the male and I found everything was really a pleasure to read through.


3The reference to Orange is the New Black had me in stiches. I must say that Felicity stole the show in the issue with her witty comments and her well placed actions she was a really interesting character to follow. Usually when a story skews in a different direction and away from the main superhero, I get bored, but Felicity was absolutely fantastic playing off against Cheetah.


2Unfortunately some hints of Green Arrow being a playboy seeped through into the comic. I wasn’t impressed that just because he has had “relations” with a woman doesn’t mean that she’s not going to betray him for her own goals. You are not that special Oliver Queen.


Green Arrow is heading for a big bang as Oliver isn’t the only superhero who wants to fit for his city. Stay tuned to see how he gets even with the criminals that robbed him.