No Huntress for ‘Arrow’ Season 3.

Today Marc Guggenheim made an announcement via Tumblr confirming the The Huntress will not be in Arrow season 3.

Fans of The Huntress will be disappointed to hear that she will not be featured in the third season of Arrow. Marc Guggenheim made the announcement on tumblr stating that the reason had nothing to do with actress Jessica De Gouw’s ability or willingness to return to the show. Rather time and budget constraints meant that they would be unable to tell the kind of story surrounding Helena that they wanted to.

“ As most of you know, despite doing 23 episodes a season — god help me — we still somehow manage to run out of room to tell certain stories (e.g., Felicity’s parents).  Unfortunately, Helena’s episode in Season 3 was one of those casualties of our lack of real estate.”

In some good news, however, to make up for her lack of presence on the show The Huntress will make an appearance in the ongoing comic tie in, Arrow: Season 2.5. The story will apparently feature a meeting between her and fan favourite Felicity Smoak, which will be the first time the two characters meet since Ep. 1x 17.

Helena and Felicity

Guggenheim also stated that the show has been picked up for a fourth season and hinted that Helena may make an appearance in that.

“As for the wait-and-see news… Arrow has officially been picked up for a fourth season and we’ve still got a kick-ass idea for a Helena story.”

So Arrow fans have something to keep an eye on.

For those wanting to check out the new issue of Arrow: Season 2.5. it goes on sale tomorrow and can be pre-ordered here.


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Images: Marc Guggenheim.