Sinceriously Making a Difference

SASWhen Arrow star Stephen Amell started the Sinceriously campaign even he didn’t know how big it was going to get. On January 15th Amell decided he wanted to try to get Sinceriously into the Oxford English Dictionary. He asked people what the word meant to them. Many people from all over wrote in with all the different things it meant to them. When coming to a definitive and collective definition Amell took to printing shirts.

“It’s a campaign to get people talking. And what better way to get people talking than by creating a new word.” – Stephen Amell


The proceeds from the shirts went to benefit two different charities. Paws and Stripes is an organization that pairs trained dogs with veterans in need. Paws and Stripes is on a mission to help veterans with PTSD and TBI live the full and rich lives the deserve – and helping shelter dogs along the way. Stand for the Silent is involved with getting rid of bullying in schools throughout the nation. They have already helped over one million children in over one thousand schools.

Over the course of a week more than thirty thousand shirts were sold. The Sinceriously campaign did so well that it is going to be coming back for a very limited time. Tomorrow, February 25th, at 9pm EST the campaign will do a 48 hour relaunch. Don’t miss it! My t-shirt arrives on Thursday, but now I can finally order a hoodie.

“I’m so happy that we could bring it back. And I know we made the definition on the shirt. The idea of this being a movement, and the idea of it meaning something different to everyone has been so rewarding. Thank you to everyone that has contributed.” – Stephen Amell

Check out Stephen’s new video promoting Sinceriously.

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Source: Facebook (Stephen Amell)