Dan DiDio Discusses ‘Convergence’

In an interview with Comics Alliance, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio revealed some of DC’s plans for the upcoming Convergence series.

Fans looking forward to Convergence might want to keep their copies of Grant Morrison’s Multiversity close by as DiDio revealed in this recent interview that the two series will be closely linked.

“I think you’re going to see some real connective tissue between Multiversity and Convergence…. [W]hen we knew this book was being created and we were creating Convergence, there were a lot of natural connecting points between the two. And if you’re a fan of Multiversity, and a fan of the multiverse, I think you’ll be very excited to see how this all comes together.”

The Convergence universe is even on the Multiversity map. (Psst! It’s the little one at the bottom with the question mark.)

Multiversity map

DiDio also talked about how Jeff King, an experienced TV writer but comic novice, ended up working on the project. Explaining how King walked into DC offices for a tour and walked out with a job, DiDio stated that King’s “quick take and his level of understanding” excited him.

With Jeff King on board bringing a new storytelling perspective, DC is hoping Convergence will appeal to both old and new fans. During the interview DiDio mentioned that in his experience major events like Convergence are many readers first introduction to the DC universe. He says the goal is to reengage fans while still paying respect to the vast DC history.

“Times change and we’ve gotta change with them, but at the core, our characters will remain, and hopefully the audience’s love for the characters will always be there.”

Read the full interview here, and let us know in the comments what first brought you to DC.


Source: Comics Alliance