Stephen Amell Hints at Arrow/Flash Spinoff Appearance.

Stephen Amell may be appearing in the upcoming Arrow/Flash spinoff series.

While at Fan Expo Canada, Stephen Amell hinted that he may be making an appearance in the yet-to-be-titled Arrow/Flash spinoff series.

“I would imagine that I will be appearing on all three shows,”

Amell added that there will be a lot of interconnectivity between the shows, with at least one supporting character having a role in all three.

“I would imagine that we will be sprinkling characters in. I know that there’s a plan for one character who originated on Arrow – and is not one of the main characters on the new spinoff – to sort of hover between all three shows and that will be their job, so to speak.”

The new show will be the third set in the CW-verse and has been pitched as “Like the Magnificent Seven” but with superheroes.

The show will feature The Atom, played by Brandon Routh, and Captain Cold, played by Wentworth Miller, as well as a number of other supporting characters from the CW-verse. New cast members set to appear include Ciara Renée as Hawkgirl and Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter.

Source: Digital Spy.