Bryan Hitch debuts 7 JLA Covers

After DC’s “Convergence” series concludes, many new series’ will make their debut. One of these is Bryan Hitch’s “Justice League of America.” Hitch will serve as both writer and artist on this series. Hitch says this project fulfills his childhood dreams.
“The whole reason I have a passion for comics is these characters, and the whole reason I got into comics was to do these characters,” Hitch said.
Hitch revealed that Batman has been a surprising source of humor for the series, and yes, we’re talking the Dark Knight Detective version, not the campy Adam West-style Batman.
“The way he [Batman] figures his way through problems is great, but I had no idea how much he was going to contribute to the humor of the story,” said Hitch. “That’s not to say Batman is cracking wise and being a Spider-Man guy — far from it. He has the most arid sense of humor on the planet, actually, but the dry one-liners come with the position he finds himself in with these other characters.”
While the series is set in New York City, it will have a global scope within the storyline that Hitch even finds intimidating.
“There is some massive scale stuff here I’ve never tried to draw before. Given what I’ve done in my career, that’s saying something.”
For the artwork, Hitch is taking a more traditional superheroic approach compared to his realistic version of the Avengers in Marvels “The Ultimates.”
Hitch has created seven different interlocking variant covers for the first issue, each one featuring a different member of the JLA. You can view each one in the gallery below.
“Justice League of America #1” begins on June 17th.
Source:  Comicbook Resources