Mark Ruffalo And Jon Stewart Debate Superman Vs. Hulk

Actor Mark Ruffalo (Avengers: Age of Ultron) stopped by The Daily Show to promote his new film Infinity Polar Bear with host Jon Stewart. In typical fashion, Stewart switched gears from discussion of the movie to comic books. And Stewart posed the question to Ruffalo on who would win between Superman and The Incredible Hulk.

Stewart’s on the DC side, stating The Man of Steel has the advantage when it comes to vertical lift. Superman (pre-Convergence) can of course fly.

“My take on it is, Superman can fly,” Stewart explained. “My point to them [the audience] was, if they both stood like this and both jumped, who’s coming down first?”

Ruffalo responded to Stewart’s query with grace, or maybe he just evaded the question. “If the high jump was the determining factor of who would win in, you know — I’m going to miss you.”

Stewart continued with the debate. “My point is, we all know what happens when Hulk gets mad, they say, ‘You wouldn’t like me when I’m mad,’” Stewart replied. “Don’t you think that would make him so f***ing mad?”

The conversation then went to Ruffalo’s work off camera as an environmentalist, leaving the Superman vs. Hulk debate open for fanboys and fangirls to discuss.

Sources: Comic Book Resources and Youtube

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