Barbara Faces the New Batman in this Batgirl #41 Preview

DC Comics has released an official preview for the upcoming #41 issue of Batgirl, post-Convergence.

bg-cv41-ds-c7109Barbara Gordon will meet for the first time with the all-new Batman. Such an awkward yet interesting encounter promises good plot points for future storylines as the new Batman is James Gordon himself.

Official synopsis:

There’s a new Batman in town…and that spells bad news for Barbara Gordon! She’s already got enough upheaval in her life, with her roommate Frankie in on her biggest secret…and now she’s looking to get even more involved in Batgirl’s business!

Take a look at the preview below:

What will happen when Barbs faces her father, the new Batman? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio is a comic book artist-in process, writer and a huge fan of everything related to DC Comics. He would like to become the next Batman, however he lacks the billions to do so....oh and the ninja training too