More Info on next year’s “Killing Joke” movie

Batman-TheKillingJoke07Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con it was announced that Bruce Timm, the mastermind behind the DC animated universe, will be heading up a production of an animated movie adaption of Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel, The Killing Joke, set for release sometime in 2016.
Additional information has now been released on the movie, as well as other movies to be released next year from DC Entertainment.
The movie will feature an additional 15 minute prologue helping to set up the story, giving fans something new to look forward to.
In addition to this film, as well as the animated Batman ’66 film that was announced a few months ago, two more DC animated films are set to be released next year which include Batman: Bad Blood (an original Batman story that features Batwoman) and Justice League vs. Titans (another original story and the first of the DC Universe Original Movies to feature the Teen Titans).
DC is really stepping up their game with their animated movies. Which one are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

For more info on The Killing Joke movie, check out our description of it here.