The Villains Will Rise In ‘Gotham’ Season 2

The second season of FOX’s hit DC series, Gotham, is a mere two months away, and the Executive Producers of the show have a lot to tell.

It was revealed that the subtitle for the upcoming season will be “The Rise of the Villains”, and Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon are confident that it will live up to it by bringing in a plethora of iconic Batman villains to cause trouble for Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon.  Heller and Cannon spoke at SDCC during roundtable interviews about the theme of the season and which Batman villains fans will get to see in season two.

Bruno Heller: There is a genuine subtitle on the show, which is, “The Rise of the Villains.” It’s very much about the transition from old-school, mafia-type villainy to the kind of grandiose, grotesque, gothic evil that Gotham [City] is slowly moving towards. So, the crimes are grander. The villains are more grand-scale and theatrical. Monsters start to come out.

On which villains to expect:

Danny Cannon: We thought long and hard about this. So many of the characters don’t have origin stories. It’s not just a question of enjoying going back to an origin story. It’s, “Who fits in a realistic world?” They have to have their feet on the ground. Some characters are a little more advanced, stylistically. We found the Mr. Freeze story very emotional. That’s one we are going to look at. Hugo Strange is a very interesting character who has never had an origin story, as is the Calendar Man. Azrael is a character we are starting very, very, very way back. Tigress, also.


They also spoke a little about the possibility of the Joker:

Danny Cannon: Well, he’s in Arkham, if that is in fact the Joker. He is in Arkham, where Barbara Kean is put in the first episode, also. It’s in the wing of Arkham where the worst of the worst are kept. An event happens which allows him to be involved in the next few episodes.
Bruno Heller: He gets to fulfill his destiny in a very grand way.


But season two isn’t ALL about the villains. We also see the introduction of one of Bruce’s trusted allies, Lucius Fox. Most people probably remember him from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, played by Morgan Freeman. In Gotham, he will be much younger and will be played by Chris Chalk.

Here’s what they had to say about that:

Again, we are starting to explain how Lucius Fox and Bruce Wayne got to be so tight. How did Lucius come into his life? What was his role in Wayne Enterprises and his relationship with Bruce’s father? He’s instrumental in unlocking some of the secrets in what will later become the Batcave, which is now just his father’s secret office.


This season seems like it will be more fast paced and intense than the first season, and I can’t wait watch it.  But in the meantime, check out the two promos for season 2 below:

Gotham season 2 premieres on Monday, Sept. 21, 2015 at 8/7c on FOX.