Kickstarter Campaign Launched For Dan Turpin Fan Film

Filmmaker Robert Dodrill has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his DC fan film “Turpin: Terrible Toys” – a short film that takes place in Metropolis. The story features Detective Dan Turpin in a pre-Superman Metropolis as he goes up against  a serial killer who uses toys as weapons (Source: Superman Homepage).


Dodrill started the project as a Superman story which would feature Turpin. But as the project progressed, he opted for a Dan Turpin only story set in a Metropolis in which the Man of Steel hasn’t arrived yet. Dodrill chose the Film Noir genre as his theme, reminiscent of old Humphrey Bogart films.

In the Kickstarter campaign, Dodrill is asking for financing to cover additional scenes, compensation for the actors and crew, wardrobe, props, etc.

You might be asking why Dan Turpin? Or even who is Dan Turpin? As a comic fan (especially a huge Superman fan), and also as an aspiring filmmaker, I have wanted to take on a fan film for quite some time. But I wasn’t quite sure which direction I wanted to take it, or which character I even wanted to do.

The project began while I was brainstorming the possibilities of a Superman fan film. I eventually landed on an idea where Toyman would be the antagonist.

I always thought Toyman was a pretty interesting villain. Sure some incarnations of him are better than others, but when done correctly he’s a pretty cool character. To this day I still own one of the first comic books I ever read when I was little, which oddly enough had Toyman as the villain, Superman #84 “The Toyman Plays for Keeps.” – Robert Dodrill

For those who donate to Dodrill’s Kickstarter campaign, they could get some cool swag: a mention in the credits, a character poster, an original Darkseid bust, or even your mugshot in the movie. If Dodrill goes past his goal of $1800, he will set a new goal and add to the production and taking it to a higher level. If you’d like to donate, Dodrill has set a deadline of Sunday, August 30 2015 4:27 PM EDT.

What do you think of filmmaker Robert Dodrill’s proposed Dan Turpin project? And what did you think about this story? Please comment below.

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