Savage Casting for “Arrow” and “The Flash”

The DC Universe continues to expand and take shape on the televised landscape as a major player has been finally introduced with the casting of the DC’s Legend of Tomorrow villain Vandal Savage! The part of the megalomaniacal immortal has been awarded to actor Casper Crump. The Danish born Crump is known for his roles in The Killing and just wrapped principal photography on the upcoming Tarzan reboot.

If Crump’s resume is any indication, the actor is up to the task of portraying one of the DC Universe’s most nefarious villains and before plaguing the time-trotting Rip Hunter and his merry band of misfits on Legends, Savage will cross paths (literally) introduced as a main adversary in Arrow and The Flash. Several casting notes have revealed that the main plot point of next season’s Arrow will pit the Emerald Archer, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) against Savage.

Without a doubt Vandal Savage is perhaps one of the deadliest villains in the DC Universe. The immortal doesn’t fear death, and thus has a bloodthirsty lust for world conquest. Savage has witnessed the rise and fall of empires, delicately plotting from the shadows, his sinister tendrils have given rise to the Secret Society of Super-Villains and also to a contemporary Legion of Doom.

With Vandal Savage so firmly rooted as an adversary of both the Justice League and their Earth-2 counterparts, the Justice Society of America, it’s no surprise that it will take the intervention Central City’s Scarlet Speedster, the Flash (played by Grant Gustin) and perhaps the combined might of another iconic hero – Hawkman, to take down Vandal’s forces. The part of the Winged Avenger has also been cast with Falk Hentschel ready to wear the wings as Carter Hall.

An artist rendition of Vandal Savage as he may appear on The CW mid-season replacement "DC's Legends of Tomorrow".
An artist rendition of Vandal Savage as he may appear on The CW mid-season replacement “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”.

As many have speculated, this overall arc will undoubtedly lead right into the events that conspire to reveal the origins of the mid-season launch of the team-up show DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — which will also be comprised of the returning heroes Atom, White Canary and Firestorm with a few other familiar faces, and some new ones. For fans of The CW hit shows, this may be as close as audiences will get to a formalized “league” — at least for the small screen.

With anticipation riding high for next summer’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice we’ll have to wait — at least a little while longer to see the full-fledged Justice League on the big screen. With the announcement of Vandal Savage’s casting for The CW shows, certainly viewers are going to be thrilled by a near week-long of their favorite DC Comics heroes coming life as one of the most enigmatic adversaries ever to face against the forces of good is realized!

The new seasons of Arrow and The Flash begin in October on The CW.

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