Is Batman’s Story Really That Tragic?

Batman! You know him. You love him. He’s rich, he’s handsome, in incredibly shape and he dresses up like a bat at night and beats the living daylights out of criminals. There’s just one tiny problem. His parents are deeeeead.

We all know the story of Batman and how he came to be. His parents were violently gunned down in a dark alley right in front of him as a young boy, which sent him on a 75 year journey to becoming one of the world’s greatest superheroes, using the tragedy of his parents’ deaths as the fuel for the fire that is his war on crime in Gotham City.

But besides the murder of his Mother and Father, was his life growing up really THAT bad? Well, Dorkly has made an animated short that answers that question.

Check out the video below:


Source(s): Dorkly

  • mbradleyc

    It was tragic enough. He was a little boy who watched his parents shot dead in front of him. He probably thought he would be killed as well. That’s traumatic enough right there. After the shock was past him he swore vengeance, which is not surprising. But he was rich enough he could do something about it. Since Alfred was given custody of him, everything fell into place.

    In Batman’s world, petty theft isn’t an issue unless the thieves happen to cross his path. He has to deal with psychotic murderers and people trying to kill him. That keeps him busy enough.

    So that clip was tedious pseudo-moralism. A waste of my time.