Legends of Tomorrow Casts Stephanie Corneliussen as Negative Woman

Stephanie Corneliussen, star of Mr Robot, has been officially announced as the actress to play Valentina Vostok, also known as Negative Woman, on the upcoming Arrow/Flash spinoff show, Legends of Tomorrow.

The team of heroes and villains are going to meets Negative Woman during the Cold War, according to TheWrap. After this, Captain Cold and the Atom will try to woo her in an attempt to find out if she is working for the groups enemy, Vandal Savage (who will be portrayed by Casper Crump).

Valentina Vostok made her first appearance in Paul Kupperberg and Joe Staton’s Showcase #94, as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Soviet Air Force. Vostok attempted to escape the United States by hijacking a Russian Fighter Plane, however the plane malfunctioned and caused Vostok to crash land in the same place that the Doom Patrol died. After this, Vostok and Negative Man’s body became combined, giving her the powers like flight, intangibility and the power to generate explosions upon contact with positive energy. Vostok went on to assume the identity White Queen after losing her powers.

Stephanie Corneliussen’s previous credits include The Exes, Royal Pains, and Mr. Robot.

Legends of Tomorrow is set to air on the CW sometime in 2016.