DC Entertainment to release new form of Graphic Novels with Blu-ray & DVDs

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Love collecting your graphic novels and comics no matter what medium they now come in? Well DC Entertainment will deliver a new product medium that you can look forward to buying in the new year!

In early 2016 fans will be treated to a new form of Graphic Novel & DVD/Blu-Ray sets from DC Entertainment. Featured titles will include Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Justice League + Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

The release of the new sets is on the heels of the successful release of the first wave of Graphic Novel & DVD/Blu-Ray sets that launched this summer and included: Batman: Year OneBatman Black And White + Batman: Gotham KnightThe Death Of Superman + Superman: DoomsdayJLA Earth 2 + Justice League: Crisis On Two EarthsJustice League + Justice League: War and Wonder Woman.

The first six films and the groundbreaking graphic novels that influenced them can  be purchased in an exclusive slipcase starting November 3rd and is a must-have for the Holiday season. 

Stay tuned because we will release more information on these as we draw closer to the release.

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