Jim Lee Shares His Excitement For ‘Dark Knight III’


Dark Knight III: The Master Race is the newest chapter in Frank Miller’s landmark saga and will bring an epic conclusion to the trilogy up by having the Dark Knight himself rise up to face the dawn of the master race.

In 1986, Miller introduced fans to his unique and soon-to-be iconic take on one of the most famous superhero characters ever and changed the face of comics forever.  Now, almost 30 years later, Miller returns to pen the third and final chapter to his Dark Knight saga.

CBR had a chance to sit down with acclaimed DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee and asked him about the upcoming miniseries:

CBR: Dark Knight III is just a little more than a month away.  Within DC, how high are expectations right now, both creatively and from a business standpoint?

We are eagerly awaiting the release. We can’t wait to share how awesome the book is with the readers and the fans. The content’s super-strong. The combination of Brian Azzarello with Frank Miller on the story, them hand-selecting Andy Kubert to come in and tell that story. You can see Frank’s influence, artistically, in the work that Andy’s doing. He’s dialed back the cross-hatching, and really focused on the narrative and the storytelling; creating the rhythm you can create by interspersing smaller panels with larger sequences.

It’s an astonishing accomplishment, and it’s an amazing story. We’re eager to see it come out — we want to share it with everyone! We’ve seen and read many issues. We’ve seen and read the entire outline. Frank did the mini-comic for the first issue, he’s doing variant covers. It’s a real celebration of everything he’s achieved with the character, and contributed to the business of comics. I think it’s going to be a great celebration.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race Is scheduled for release on Nov. 25.