Review: DC Bombshells #4


Stargirl and Supergirl have been sent to lead an attack on a supposed German prison, but things are not as they seem.  Dr. Quinzel has come to a hospital to help deal with the sick and the wounded, and she is going to help spread her own brand of Christmas cheer to the people of London.  In the final chapter, Wonder Woman is helping an injured Steve Trevor when prisoners are brought in and the Allied soldiers don’t appreciate her style of justice.

The Positive

f036e115fbb5ef85c483af7bf3b54819._SX640_QL80_TTD_Supergirl and Stargirl’s chapter starts out with a great propaganda style art, but as the story unfolds and the truth is revealed.  The style of the book changes to a darker, more realistic style.  The first chapter might be the best of the three.  Supergirl and Stargirl lead the charge against what they think is a German prison camp.  However, Supergirl’s advanced hearing lets her know that this is not a standard mission, but something larger.  It’s part of a Soviet propaganda mission and the pair of them have to become true heroes to save the innocent lives.

The second chapter features Harley Quinn slowly coming apart as her Harley personality gets revealed from behind Harleen’s face.  The story definitely hits its stride in the second half as Harley goes on a Christmas inspired rampage as only Harley can.  Harley’s bombshell design is a lot of fun that looks original but immediately lets you know who the character is.

The final story has Wonder Woman returning from her time with Mera to help Steve Trevor.  He’s been injured and is not doing well.  While she is helping him recover, Allied soldiers arrive with German prisoners of war.  Problems arise when Wonder Woman steps in and doesn’t allow the Allied soldiers to execute the prisoners.  It’s a well-written story that shows Wonder Woman’s caring and sympathetic side, even if it means her life.


The Negative

Harley Quinn’s chapter seems to be the weakest as it’s never quite clear whether she is losing her mind or if she was sent here for a reason.  The way the story jumps around between each character is a bit hard to follow.  Unlike the other digital first anthology style stories, these are not self-contained stories and there is a bit of a disconnect to the overarching story at times.

The Verdict

The Bombshell stories are a fun twist on the existing characters.  The designs echo the golden age with a modern twist.  These three stories are well done with great art and good writing.  Although the overall story arc can be lost a bit in the jumping around from character to character.