Review: Wonder Woman #46

Donna Troy has been turned to stone and Eirene, the Goddess of Peace, has revealed herself to be the mastermind behind the attempt to kill Wonder Woman and the source of Aegeus’ increased power.

The Positive

WW_46_1Wonder Woman has not been a very good God of War, and this change in the balance seems to have driven Eirene insane, either through anger, jealousy, or due to a shift in the balance of power.  Eirene says that she has been pushed away from peace due to Wonder Woman not embracing her role as the God of War.  The story raises some interesting questions about their two roles and never fully says if Eirene is simply crazy or if there is truth to it.

Eirene takes her on a voyage ala It’s A Wonderful Life, showing her what a world without a God of War would really be like.  People lacking the strength to stand up and overthrow their oppressors.  Eirene does a good job of selling war but Wonder Woman refuses to accept this as truth.  It seems that they have switched roles.  We don’t want war in our lives, but it has a place and has been a source for radical changes, both good and bad.

I normally don’t talk much about the covers, but I really enjoyed the more painted look to this month’s cover.  It’s a minor change from the normal, but it stood out to me.

WW_46_4 crop

The Negative

Throughout the story, young baby Zeke is there, constantly trying to reach for Donna’s petrified body, while others keep pulling him away.  It’s unclear if Eirene can see him or if she is too busy monologuing to notice an infant.  It seems all that was needed to resolve the story was for Zeke to touch Donna and restore the balance.  It very conveniently wraps up the story and restores the balance of everything.

The Verdict

The Finch’s wrap up this story arc and seem to restore some of the older Wonder Woman status quo.  While the story wraps up very conveniently it’s a really good story, delving into the relationship between war and peace.