Review: Season 2 Ep. 13– “Welcome to Earth 2”

The Flash is in a whole different world this time around!! Barry, Cisco, and Wells go over to Earth 2 to retrieve Wells’ daughter Jessie who is still being held captive by Zoom. However when the trio arrive however things don’t go exactly to plan. The Flash is caught in a fight with two of Earth 2’s worst villains Killer Frost and Deathstorm, while Cisco finds his evil Earth 2 self. Can the team find Jessie and get back home? Or will the Flash be trapped in Earth 2?

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The Positives

Hands down this was the best episode of the Flash I’ve seen! “Welcome to Earth 2” has so many easter eggs in it its almost ridiculous! I had to watch the episode twice just to catch them all. I loved how they did the Supergirl tie in through Barry’s jump to Earth 2, I thought that was in particular amazing. When the team of Barry, Cisco and Wells arrive in Earth 2, they find it very much different from the Earth that they know. Here Iris is a cop, Joe is a lounge singer, and Caitlin Snow and Ronnie are both powerful supervillains. It’s amazing how everything is so different, yet it still keeps a familiar feel to it. Barry even encounters his Earth 2 self, who he quickly knocks out to assume his identity so he can locate Zoom. The fight scenes were absolutely amazing as we see the Flash take on Killer Frost and Deathstorm. However Zoom shows up and basically ends the fight on his own terms–killing Deathstorm, wounding Killer Frost, and killing Cisco’s counterpart Reverb. There was a real touching and emotional moment as well when we find out that Barry’s mother is alive here and she’s still married to his Dad. Barry has a conversation over the phone with her, and immediately starts tearing up while talking to her. I thought this was a very good moment for Barry, and it assured him that no matter what– he’s doing the right thing.


The Negatives

Are you really gonna make me struggle to pick out a negative here? Really? Well if its one thing that kind of got under my skin was Jay Garrick. Now when I say that I mean it in the best way possible. How? Well in this episode while Barry is gone Jay must protect Central City in his place. Jay is given an updated version of Velocity 6 that gives him his speed back temporarily. I’m mad because it was temporary! I loved seeing Jay going up against Geomancer– a recently arrived villain in Central City. Although Jay defeats Geomancer he does so just barely–and largely due to Joe’s help. I’m hoping that seeing what Jay could do in this episode is just a tease and not a one time thing. I’m glad they made him more than just a mentor here in this episode. Caitlin says that shes working on an update to the Velocity formula–and I hope Jay gets his speed back fully sometime soon.


The Verdict

“Welcome to Earth 2” in my opinion is the best episode I’ve seen this season. That’s definitely saying a lot considering the things the writers at The Flash have taken us through. I love the multiverse and how the writers are taking so much creative liberty with it! There are limitless possibilities now and the writers know this–welcome to the multiverse people!!!


Steven Brown

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