Superman #48 “The Savage Dawn”

Superman’s struggle against Vandal Savage continues and time is running out! A seriously depowered Superman must find a way to regain his powers and the solution is in kryptonite?! The former Man of Steel must find a source of kryptonite to get his powers back…he thinks anyway. And it just so happens the world’s largest storage of kryptonite happens to be in the hands of the government organization known as A.R.G.U.S. What a coincidence!


The Positives

Superman #48 “The Savage Dawn” written by Gene Luen Yang and penciled by Howard Porter, John Romita Jr. and Ardian Syaf is a good read. So far I’ve enjoyed this series as Vandal Savage has been introduced as the mastermind behind it all. I was clearly unsure of Hordr being the main villain in this series and I’m glad I was right. However Vandal shows off in this series. To be able to pull so many strings but yet to remain behind the scenes of it all is a pretty impressive feat– especially when its against Superman. However the main thing I love about this issue is that its basically a Superman/ Steve Trevor team up! For anyone that doesn’t know, Steve is Wonder Woman’s ex boyfriend who’s also a member of A.R.G.U.S and a top government agent. I loved how the two casually discuss both of their relationships with Diana, and Steve is shocked to learn that it was Superman who decided to end things. It’s pretty obvious that Steve still has feelings for Diana and he even mentions this fact to Superman. Gene’s idea of having ex boyfriends who still have some tension with each other is perfect–and funny.


The Negatives

My only complaint about this issue is the fact that there is NO Vandal Savage! I’m already on board with the series run when he was introduced but then Gene and company decide to take him away! Although it was a good read I’d still like to have seen a few panels of what exactly Savage is up to, and now that we know he’s taken the powers of the Justice League I’d like to at least have a hint as to what his overall scheme is. How dare you deny me a peek Gene! As I finished the comic I thought the last few pages might give me a reveal but it didn’t– and now I have to wait patiently like you do–sucks right?


The Verdict.

Superman #48 is a good read. The penciling of detail is perfect, the story is told well and I love the back and forth between Steve Trevor and Superman. Although I’ve never been a fan of Steve (no real reason) I’m glad he got some shine here in this issue. He even saves Superman’s life in a panel and that says a lot about his character. Seeing him and Superman work so well together actually makes me want to see him in other runs with superhero team-ups. Bottom line–Superman #48 is worth your money! Definitely check it out!


Steven Brown

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