Vanessa Hudgens Joins Powerless


In case you haven’t heard the news Vanessa Hudgens is getting a leading role in NBC’s Powerless. Vanessa has been on shows such as  Rizzo, Gimme Shelter, and Freaks of Nature. If you don’t know what this show is then here is the basic description. It is a comedy workplace that takes place in the DC Universe. Vanessa will play the role of Emily Locke who is a claims adjuster who thoroughly loves her job because she gets to help people adjust their insurance claims. The Hollywood Reporter says that,

[Emily] likes to fly under the radar and just get her work done…[but she] finds herself increasingly exasperated by the disruptive antics of the various Super Heroes that proliferate in her city.

Albeit the insurance agency’s office-based comedy isn’t too widely known with comparisons to other shows such as The Office, Parks & Recreations, and 30 Rock just with superheroes. It is not said yet if there are going to be well-known superheroes or if they are just going to use B list, C list heroes, or make some up. This television series will set us up to see how various superheroes aftermath would be tackled by those who don’t necessarily have superpowers. That being said it will mainly focus on Emily and other’s who do not have superpowers.

Brandon Richardson

Hey everyone, my name is Brandon and it has always been a dream to work in comic books. And to do this is amazing and a lot of fun for me because not only do I get to read and write about what DC Comics is doing but it gives me more insight into who the characters are.