Amazing Fan’s Lego Batcave

We have seen many variations of the Batcave through movies, animated films and tv shows, and video games. This new Batcave a fan made from Legos can stand in comparison to all of the other Batcaves.

It was created by Dan Glasure and it is anything less than awesome. There is a great amount of details and even platforms for the Batmobile and Batwing. There is also a crime lab, armory, waterfall, and of course, bats.

“When I set out to build our Batcave MOC, I was well aware there was already some stunning MOC’s out there. So my goal was never ‘to be the biggest or best,’” Glasure told The Brothers Brick. “Rather, I simply hoped to take a little different approach. My thought was to have a ‘working’ Batcave. I wanted it to look as if this was where ‘The World’s Greatest Detective’ spent a lot of time.”





Hillary Weiss

Hillary Weiss

Born and raised in South Florida, I love to read and write. My favorite DC Comics hero is Oracle.