Review: Cyborg #5

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writer: John Semper Jr.
Pencils: Allan Jefferson, Derec Donovan
Inks: Scott Hanna, Derec Donovan
Colorist: Guy Major
Letterer: Rob Leigh

Dr. Stone has been kidnapped! Held in an unknown location for a few weeks now, Dr. Stone is being forced to watch as a being disguised as him infiltrates S.T.A.R Labs! Even Cyborg can’t notice the difference between his father and this evil clone! But what is this evil clone’s purpose? Why is it intent on destroying Cyborg and just exactly who is behind all of this?




Semper did a wonderful job on this book hands down! Not only do we have a good story line that continues the story at a great pace, but Semper also touches on hot topics of our time. Right in the beginning of the book we’re thrown into a terrorist situation in Baghdad involving the C.I.A. and one of their agents. Just like Victor, she’s been brutally injured thanks to a homemade terrorist bomb! What Semper does here is a great setup and I’m excited to see how the next issue introduces a potential new supporting character for Cyborg. He also touches a bit on police brutality in black neighborhoods and although it’s very brief it shows us that even Cyborg can be a potential victim to the bigotry or ignorance of others. I give Semper a lot of respect for touching on these issues in this book and showing that they literally affect everyone’s lives — heroes or not.


I’m really stressing out over the reveal of the villain here and I’m scratching my head so hard over who it could exactly be. At first in a few issues I was thinking an advanced scientist or tech genius could be responsible but now I’m thinking it’s Darkseid! It seems from the pieces I’ve put together in this issue that he’s the only remaining possibility! Now I’m just eager to see if I’m right! Although it’s not a negative at all to hold back on the reveal it’s really nagging at me that I don’t know who it is! You’re killing me John Semper, Jr.! Hopefully the villain makes his reveal next issue since his plans by the end of this particular book seemed to be put in motion.



Cyborg #5 was a great read and I’m looking forward to the next issue. It seems that Victor’s search for his identity has put him on a path to a being more powerful than him, and I can’t wait to see the fallout from it. Dr. Stone is still a prisoner and no one at all knows that he’s gone due to his clone at S.T.A.R. Labs. I hope that he somehow escapes or that he at least finds a way to warn Victor before it’s too late. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out!


Steven Brown

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