CCXP 2016: Exclusive Hawkman Statue By Iron Studios

This spectacular Iron Studios Hawkman statue will only be available at the 2016 Comic Con Experience in São Paulo, Brazil!

The Comic Con Experience (CCXP) is a Brazilian pop culture event along the lines of the San Diego Comic-Con covering the main areas of the industry such as games, comics, movies and TV. The CCXP was first held in 2014 at the São Paulo Expo, old Immigrants Exhibition Center. The event saw over 97,000 people attend with over 80 companies participating. Past celebrity guests have included Jason Momoa (Game of ThronesJustice League, Aquaman) and Sean Astin (The Goonies, The Lord Of The Rings). The event brought together comics fans, video game enthusiasts and cosplayers. In 2015 the SP Expo pavilion was put to full use as over 130,000 people attended the event.

The Hawkman statue will have a cost of $359.99 and will include a display base. This hand painted Polystone statue will be in the popular 1/10th scale and will measure 26 cm x 48 cm in width. This statue is a limited edition and will only be released as a 2016 CCXP exclusive in December.


Our fifth and last exclusive character is the most feared warrior of Thanagar, Hawkman. Based on the concept art of Ivan Reis of chiaroscuro studios, in all its splendor, with a wingspan of 48 cm and wielding his mace and spear, the figure will be available only during the 4 days of the (CCXP) event.

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Thomas ODonnell

Thomas ODonnell

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