Review: Harley Quinn #9

[Editor’s note: This review may contain spoilers.]

Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists: Brandon Peterson & Michael Kaluta

The other day I had a weird dream with giant geckos and flying pizza, and it was a grand affair. In this issue of Harley Quinn, the mistress of mad is describing her own weird dreams to her regular psychologist, Frank Frank! At the rate of 4 hot dogs per hour might I add!


From there things start to go off the rails, or wheels as it were, on the Roller Derby course. This tremendously bad day ends as it started, in a situation beyond normal comprehension and a frightful awakening.


This issue is starting on a tremendous arc that will rock Harley’s world, and not in the whip crackin’ fun kinda way. The inclusion of Michael Kaluta in this issue to bring life to the opening sequence was a great choice. The art style the he brings to the issue is a huge contrast to the relatively dark world that Peterson creates and it works incredibly well, not to mention that it smoothly transitions into Peterson’s style.


Harley Quinn continues to provide an incredibly fun and relatable character. The struggles she is dealing with, while certainly exaggerated and theatrical, hit so close to home. Giving us a peek into her mind this issue, in light of the events of last issue, show how much of a complex character Harley can be and it is wonderful to read.

Conner and Palmiotti paid homage to the previous Harley series in this issue in a great way that didn’t feel chunky or awkward which I appreciate.

Conner and Palmiotti tried to foreshadow the ending of this issue with a brief and small appearance and then have a big surprise at the end. Unfortunately the characters they are working with are so well known that the foreshadowing worked against them and made it clear what would happen.

This issue was really fun to read and there are a few touching emotional moments that make the reader really feel for Harley. She is a character that I know I’ll be sure to follow and you should too!


Konrad Secord-Reitz

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