Matt Reeves Has Final Say on ‘The Batman’

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The pre-production process of The Batman has been less than ideal for WB. With Ben Affleck giving up the director’s chair we now have Matt Reeves in his place. Part of the previous contract negotiations that led to Reeves originally backing away from the project was due to creative control. Now, as reported by Splash Report, Reeves now has complete creative control and final say on the film.

Reeves has the ability to create intricate worlds as we’ve seen with Planet of the Apes and Cloverfield but is this something the studio needs? Reeves isn’t a well-known director, nor award winning at this point, and only has a small resume. This was a huge risk taken by studio executives. Talks about a script re-write have not been discussed yet, but we hope he leaves Affleck’s vision alone. This direction the studio decided to take raises a lot of questions about the film. Will Affleck now stay on the project if Reeves ruins his vision? Will we see a return of Affleck as director if Reeves destroys what he worked so hard to build?

Stay tuned for more The Batman developments here at DCN, and only time will tell if this was the right decision.

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