The Batman’s Joe Manganiello unsure if he is still playing Deathstroke

Joe Manganiello, who was tapped to play DC’s assassin/mercenary Deathstroke in the upcoming The Batman movie, now may not be sure if he is still playing the character or not.

In an interview on Pittsburgh Today Live on Friday, while promoting his next upcoming movie The Smurfs, Manganiello was asked about his involvement with The Batman and his role as Deathstroke. When asked about whether he would be playing the character or not, with hands in the air, he stated “Uhh….maybe. We’ll see,” which has now led to a lot of speculation as to whether or not he might still be in the role.

You can see the interview clip here:

Recently, with the various changes in directors, Matt Reeves has been tapped to direct the upcoming The Batman movie starring Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight himself. One of the stipulations in his acceptance the director’s chair was that the script be rewritten. With the script being rewritten, multiple sources, including Variety, reported that the movie is now being delayed with no set timeline for the movie’s release. 

It also may be possible that Deathstroke may no longer be a part of the movie, or Manganiello may not be involved with the character. It is now being reported by Variety that the movie may not see production even begin until 2018. With so much pre-production shifting going on right now, fans can only wait and see how this will all turn out.

Joseph Marcas

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