DC All Access: Exclusive Justice League Dark Special Feature

DC All Access releases an exclusive Justice League Dark special feature, spotlighting the film’s core premise and characters.

When characters like John Constantine, Zatanna and Deadman unite onscreen, the result is pure magic! In this DC All Access animation clip, we look at the history of the Justice League Dark, diving into the diverse roster of characters that make up this unlikeliest of super teams and hearing from the actors and producers who brought the recent Justice League Dark animated movie to life.

The defenders of the dark side of the DC Universe, Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and more get showcased in this special feature about a team that is not really a team and not really a ‘League’, but heroes come in all shapes and sizes…

Justice League Dark is available now in DVD and Blu-ray.

Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio Jose Chavez

Antonio is a comic book artist-in process, writer and a huge fan of everything related to DC Comics. He would like to become the next Batman, however he lacks the billions to do so....oh and the ninja training too