Marc Silvestri May Finally Team Up Batman And The Joker

Like many of the pioneers at Image Comics, every one of these creators has either worked for DC or Marvel, but only a handful have worked for both, and one such is Marc Silvestri, whose seminal work at Image, Witchblade, has spawned a live action and anime series. One of his long gestating projects that might see the light of day very soon is his vision for a Batman and Joker team-up book, which looks to be a six issue miniseries, where the two longtime rivals have to team-up against a common enemy. Recently, Jeff Spry at Syfy Wire spotted some news at Geek Tyrant, where this very word is in the air over at DC headquarters:

“Having worked for Marvel and DC, Silvestri has had many projects in development, but few are older than his vision of a bold Batman and the Joker team-up. Rumors are rumbling that the creator will finally realize his long-gestating project, writing and drawing a new six-issue mini-series that pairs the Clown Prince of Crime with the Dark Knight against a common, unnamed enemy. No official announcement from DC, but a press release should be coming soon.”

Again, these are rumors for the time being, but looks to be very solid news, and much like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race series, this will offer a very different take on not only the World’s Greatest Detective but a vision of the Clown Prince we may have never seen before.