San Diego Comic Con: Lego to reveal new DC Superhero sets

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Lego over the last decade has gone from strength to strength. They faced hard financial times, and took a strategic turn by investing in a revised product roadmap. That strategy involved aligning their product sets with existing brands, and it paid off big time. They went from turning over 3.5 billion dollars to a whopping 37.9 billion in annual revenue. Over a sustained period of time, their products have been rushing off the shelves of retails stores around the world. Although their revenue has exploded, they won’t reveal in their public reports the breakdown of that, so we don’t know the true contribution from the DC Superhero range.

With the Justice League film coming out in November, Lego will be revealing their new range at San Diego Comic Con this week. The sets will be on shelves January 2018, and we have the images here for you to see. So if you’re a Lego fan, you will want to get your hands on these quick smart! I know I will!


Let us know what you think of the sets, and if you collect DC Lego products already, send us in your collection on our instagram page which is @dccomicsnews

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