SDCC 2017: Arrow’s Big Bad is Going to be Different this Season


Every season, Arrow brings us villains that are always challenging our heroes and this coming season is going to be no different. But the question is, who is going to be the thorn in Team Arrow’s side this season? During the Arrow panel at SDCC 2017, executive producer Marc Guggenheim teased fans by providing an answer on what to expect in Season 6:

“I’ll say this: last year, we sort of built up this new Team Arrow and when we say that the theme of Season 6 is family, we were also sort of talking about the found families of a team like Team Arrow, so I would say without spoiling anything too much, wouldn’t it be interesting if there was a team of villains to go up against our team of heroes?”

Last season, the story primarily revolved around the new team Oliver made considering that Laurel is dead, Speedy is retired, and Diggle took a little break as Spartan. It is a necessary step considering that this new breed of vigilantes would face the notorious Prometheus. But, Prometheus will not be seen next season because of what happened to him in the finale. With the words uttered by Mr. Guggenheim, we are expecting not one, not two, but a group of villains threatening the city and Team Arrow.

With three months away from the premiere, we can expect that these villains will bring pain and suffering to Star City. One is Black Siren who will be played by the returning Katie Cassidy. She is one we were expecting would be one of Team Arrow’s thorns. Another is Richard Dragon, which was teased by Marc Guggenheim. Aside from that, we are still unsure on who the other villains would be.

Arrow returns this fall on October 12 on The CW.

Reigh Carlo

Reigh Carlo

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