Wonder Woman: Warner Bros To Campaign For Best Picture, Director Nominations

As Wonder Woman  continues to increase its box office totals as well as being hit among movie critics and fans, Variety recently published an article in which their sources revealed that the studio in charge of the film, Warner Bros, is at work preparing a campaign to acquire nominations during next year’s award season. These sources, although unable to confirm anything at this time, are revealing that there are indeed having internal discussions within the studio to push for highly prestigious award nominations including Oscar nominations.

If Wonder Woman were to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, it would be the first comic book based film to achieve that goal with only Warner Bros. very own The Dark Knight being the only one to come close in recent years (which many felt was snubbed along with director Christopher Nolan). One would have to wait to see how the rest of the Oscar contenders shape up in the fall but many have argued that Wonder Woman is one of the best movies of the year and should received buzz for an Academy Award Best Picture nomination.

The other part of the picture reveals that the studio is also considering pushing for a nomination for the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, whose nomination would put a smile on a lot of people’s faces, including those who would love to see another woman received recognition in that category. So far the only woman to have won in that category is Katherine Bigelow for The Hurt Locker.

Although it may seem like a done deal to go after these nominations, one must realize that it is very expensive to create these campaigns in the first place. Many times, creators, actors and artists have to lobby on behalf of their work which involves a lot of handshaking, interviews, and promotions which means a lot of money has to be spent to get your foot in the door or in this case on the voting ballot.

In prior years, it would have been unfeasible to consider a comic book movie getting a nomination but with the Academy’s recent push for younger and more diverse voters, it seems now would be a good time to strike while the iron is hot (Note: Gal Gadot herself is member of the Academy for this year). Of course other things will have to come into place for the film to receive serious consideration such as waiting to see how critics and fans respond to Justice League in the fall as well as Warner Bros. very own campaign for another movie Dunkirk, which might take resources away from Wonder Woman.

Nothing would make us happier at DCCN that to see Wonder Woman receive a nominations but we’ll just have to wait and find out on an early morning in 2018 when they announce them.

Images courtesy of Variety.com


Joseph Marcas

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