The Flash Season 4 Casts a Bizarre DC Comics Character

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Throughout the course of time in The Flash, we have seen a variety of characters come to life, from the friendly metahumans with amazing abilities, to the evil doers that can destroy half the city. This season will be no different as they just cast a new villain, or shall I say villainess. Sugar Lyn Beard will play the DC Comics villainess Hazard, this fall on The Flash.

Sugar Lyn Beard is best known for her role as Jeanie Stangle in last year’s film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and she can also be seen on the small screen in such projects as You’re The Worst, The Mindy Project, and Drunk History. On The Flash, Beard will portray Rebecca Sharpe, a.k.a. Hazard. Sharpe is going through some hard times in life and she thinks that she’s cursed because of the constant bad luck she is experiencing. But when a freak accident happens, her fate suddenly changed. And with things working her favor, she then becomes a threat for Central City and Team Flash. Variety reported recently that the character will appear on the third episode of The Flash Season 4.

For those DC Comics fans who may not know her, Hazard is a villain in the DC Comics. She is not actually that notorious when it comes to being a menace to the heroes in the DC Universe and also she doesn’t have any big time superhero as her arch-nemesis. If she would be directly adapted in the show –with that set of bizarre powers, it would be entertaining.

In the comics, Hazard made her debut in 1987 as a member of the Injustice Society. She swore to avenge the death of her criminal grandfather known as the Gambler. In her course to vengeance, she then finds herself fighting against the heroes of the Justice Society and Infinity Inc. Hazard possesses psionic abilities that she uses against her enemies, choosing between good fortune and “accidents” for her adversaries. She also uses a pair of dice when making her decisions on how she would proceed on some situations.

Hazard also is a formidable foe with her psychic powers, although she often times has shown unwillingness to kill her enemies. If this version will be adapted in the show, it would turn out that she would be one wacky Villain of the Week that wouldn’t be much of a threat to the city and the team as well. Also, considering that she’d appear on the third episode of the show, my guess is that this would be a break from the first two episodes of the show where they will tackle Barry’s recovery. It would be a fun segway from the heavy storylines that they would tackle in the first two episodes of season four.

The Flash will return this fall for its fourth season, Tuesday, October 10, at 8pm on the CW.

Reigh Carlo

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