Review: Super Sons #7

[Editor’s Note: This review may contain spoilers]

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez, Rob Leigh



“Planet of the Capes!” With a seventy year old Robin having apparent irritable bowel syndrome, the Titans are left catching their breath in a safe house in Metropolis. Jon is kindly serving the Titan’s tea while they recover. While sipping their tea, Starfire, Aqualad, Raven, and Beastboy begin to talk about the newest villains who have just beaten them to a pulp and made them run.

As Robin finally finishes in the washroom the Titans have come to a consensus, they need the little man with the “S” on his chest. Robin sees this and instead of fighting it he simply says yes, and the Titans head off to fight the forgotten villains of another time created by Kraklow.



The introduction of Kraklow as a villain is really fun because of how campy it is. His origin is almost extremely cheap feeling which makes it play right into the camp. What he does though or rather, his other reality self does, is to open the Titans to other earths and possibilities for weird villains.

The art in Super Son #7 is also full of great moments between the teens and Jon.  Visually this issue has a few shots that really show it’s power.

The first is right on the first page, in the bottom right corner. Starfire and Aqualad are looking tired and beat, the expression on Aqualad’s face is perfect. What makes it even better is Starfire’s expression, it is so simply drawn but shows her feelings perfectly. This single panel made the issue for this reviewer.

The next two panels are similar in nature but take on the life of the issue. The first is on the 9th page, it shows the 6 “Teen” Titans united and ready to fight their newest villains. The second is on the 12th page as Superboy proves his value to the team and frees them from an attack.



While the camp in this issue is wonderful and plays well into how the issue flows, it’s abrupt ending punishes that flow. The villains are ultimately defeated because Superboy smashed open a door and water got into the room. This external cause for the team’s victory over the new villains cheapens their success. It’s almost as though the Teen Titans are being shown to be unable to really fight for themselves in this issue.

Another issue with this comic is something many will overlook. It is almost forgettable as an issue of Super Sons because it is so predominantly a Titans book. It has the feel and scale of a Titans book with a guest character. There are moments where the focus is shifted to Jon and his affection for the Titans and joy at their acceptance is showcased, but he comes off as a guest character in a book he should star in.



Super Sons #7 was a fun read and will entertain fans. Upon reflection however, it is losing itself to the Titans.

Konrad Secord-Reitz

Konrad (@WednesdayNR) is a comic book fan for all genres. Staring with superheroes and moving toward more non-traditional characters and stories he reads everything and anything that draws his attention and is written well. Growing up Konrad watched Batman:TAS and all the other WB cartoons. That childhood love of Batman spread into gaming and comics. In 2011, with the New 52, Konrad picked up his first comic and started collecting, not stopped since. Konrad loves to review comics and interview your favorite artists and writers! For more of his content be sure to follow him on social media and check out his website