DC Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode Pays Tribute To Classic 80’s Film

DC Legends of Tomorrow features a cadre of time-traveling superheroes that have visited a wide variety of volatile and pivotal times and places in world history such as the wild west, feudal Japan, and 18th century France. Now entering into its third season, the show will, in its 4th episode of the year, have the Legends go to a more familiar setting to many older fans: the 1980’s.

The 1980’s is fondly remembered by some as being the era of great music, the dawn of video games as we know it, and some of the greatest films ever made. One of those movies considered to be an all-time classic is Steven Spielberg’s film E.T. The film features an alien visitor from another planet developing a relationship with a little boy name Elliott as he tries to hide the alien from government authorities with the help of his siblings and help E.T. get back home to his planet.

One of the great lines from the movie is the phrase “phone home”, in which E.T. is communicating to Elliott his desire to go home. That phrase is now the title of the upcoming fourth episode of DC Legends of Tomorrow Season 3. This was a tweet from the show’s executive producer, Marc Guggenheim:

This tweet has left fans speculating as to what that episode will be about but clearly it is a reference to the iconic film. The image in the tweet looks like a cover page for the script of that particular episode. At San Diego Comic Con, the show’s panel did reveal that they would be travelling to Ray Palmer’s (The Atom) childhood home which places the show in the 1980’s.

Will the episode feature the heroes helping an alien get home? or perhaps they might be fighting an alien race that’s threatening Earth? Perhaps a childhood version of The Atom could be setup to meet the Legends and believe they are the aliens! At this point, fans can only speculate as they await the new season but this reveal definitely has us intrigued about what’s to come.

DC Legends of Tomorrow premieres on October 10th, 2017.


Joseph Marcas

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