Flash Season Four: “Psychological” Battle With Thinker

Season four of The Flash will have a new big bad in the form of The Thinker (Neil Sandilands), a mad genius whose inventions include the Thinking Cap, which gives him mental powers. When asked what drives The Thinker, The Flash show runner Todd Helming said:

“Something personal that he experienced, giving the new outing a psychological component.”

The showrunner further said that The Thinker is:

“…literally the smartest guy on the planet, so there’s a lot of chess pieces that he’s moving around simultaneously. As our team is figuring out who he is and what they think the plan is, there’s a lot of fun [as we] show the audience information and then have our team catch up to that information or surpass it. It’s a big mystery”

It’s a different type of villain than Barry and the gang are used to dealing with. Savitar, Zoom, Reverse Flash all had The Flash’s skillset and the Speedforce. The gang will have to use their brains to defeat this one.

Tune in on Oct 10th when The Flash returns to The CW.