Artist Tony Daniel Discusses Upcoming Run on Batman Title

Fan-favorite comic book artist Tony Daniel discusses his upcoming return to Batman in 5 years with issue #45. The artist praises writer Tom King, who he will be collaborating with, as well as the challenges of returning to such as venerated title for DC.

Artist Tony Daniel is coming off a quick run on the new title Damage in order to return to a character that has been calling back to him for years now – Batman. Daniel will be working with writer Tom King who has by all accounts, been crushing it during his time writing Batman.

The stakes are high for the title with the impending nuptials between Batman and Catwoman this summer but by all accounts the title is one of the strongest in the DC stable of comics. In an interview with Newsrama, Daniel discussed his desire to work with King on Batman. He had this to say:

I really wanted to work with Tom King. I felt like his storytelling style would work nicely with my own style. He sort of reminds me of Alan Moore in storytelling sense, and I’ve worked with Moore on Spawn: Bloodfeud. That experience with Moore, and that style of storytelling really helped shape my own visions as an artist. Though I moved away from the wide screens and grids since then, I feel like I can do that well and it forces me to become a better storyteller.

Daniel continues:

When a writer is too open sometimes I feel like I have too many choices and I don’t know which one to pick because they’re all cool in my head. With Tom, it’s a real collaboration in that sense. He gives me something really solid to work with, a nice piece of clay that’s half molded, so to speak. Then I get to shape it and make it look pretty for everyone else.

Daniel had nothing but good things to say about King in the interview but what really got our attention is his description of King’s work style. Daniel says:

Tom’s scripts are pretty tight. Every panel is described and I know what everyone is saying. It’s the opposite of the way I worked on Damage, which was very loose and plot-driven. But I prefer working this way, like I am with Tom. The plot way of drawing a book is easier for me only if I’m also the writer. So, I’m relieved that Tom works this way. I think it makes me do better work.

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Image courtesy of Newsarama

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