‘The American Way’ headed to the Movies

With the slate of movies being adapted from DC’s stable of comics, it seems as though news breaks just about very day concerning an adaptation being on its way. Just when fans thought the news about Steven Spielberg tied to directing the upcoming Blackhawk was the only movie news, we then found out this week that “The American Way: Those Above and Those Below” will also hit cinemas.

The synopsis is:

“The American Way is a 60s period piece, which tells the story of the New American, the first African-American superhero on a government sponsored team, in a story with parallels to the civil rights movement. Those Above and Those Below is a sequel to which explores the aftermath of the New American’s debut.”

The film will be written and directed by John Ridley, who also wrote the comic book and be produced by Blumhouse, who is known for their horror films, such as Get Out, but has recently received buzz for being attached to the upcoming Spawn reboot movie. Expect a different type of comic book film to what we have seen on screens recently, and probably one which will have fans wanting more.