DC May Be Planning A Highwaymen Movie

It seems that DC may be planning a film adaption of the 2007 miniseries Highwaymen. Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, the creators of the series, took to Twitter to address the story.


According to Screenrant

The Highwaymen spins the tale of Able “Speed” Monroe and Alistair McQueen. Once upon a time they were elite deliverymen with a special knack for handling hazardous cargo, but now they’re both over the hill and separated by bad blood. As happens in such stories, the retired pair are reluctantly called back into action. Just from the basic plot description, it’s easy to see why a studio would have interest in the property as a possible buddy action movie.

Hmm there are plenty of older bad ass actors that could make this come to vibrant life. DC is actively looking for writers so lets keep our fingers crossed that this sees the light of day.