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DC Comics News is a fan based site. We want to give you the best view of what is happening across the DC world. Our news covers film (motion picture & animation), comics, TV, merchandise, art, news, and reviews. Watch out for exclusive interviews with industry heavyweights, comic book artists, actors, producers, directors, and fan activities!


Damian Fasciani
Site Owner
Damian is married with two young children. A tech enthusiast, loves comics and pop culture. Keeps fit, a keen sports fan, & is a music buff. His favorite DC characters are Batman and Arrow. Collects Batman merchandise, and now has branched out to a wide range of DC collectables. Gone digital to read his comics!
Roy Ranous
Roy is a married man with 2 kids and a third on the way. He has been writing and editing for news blogs since 2004, and has been writing and editing for comic news blogs for about 2 years. One of his passions is audio production and voiceover acting, but he also loves writing. Roy's favorite DC character is Batman. Superman's okay. But only Chris Reeve's Superman.
Sidney Eubanks
Graphic Artist & Webmaster
Sidney is a Graphic Artist of 4 years and is currently a Computer Science Major at Santa Monica College. He has been a life long fan of the Bat and the Flash. He is also a huge Star Wars and Star Trek geek. Sidney has been with DKN since 2012 as a graphic artist and helped with the creation of DCN. After an extended hiatus he returned to DKN & DCN as the site's graphic artist & one of two webmasters. He also thinks Damian is the best site owner the in world!
Joshua Raynor
Assistant Editor - News
My favorite DC hero and villain are Green Lantern and the Joker. What inspires me - My beautiful wife and daughter Something interesting about me - I'm a training professional wrestler