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  • Geoffryn Kaladon

    Hi, I submitted my thoughts on the new Superboy just above, and wanted to make one thing public: It’s a GREAT IDEA, finally giving Lois and Clark a young son! It would be a fantastic idea to put him on a few episodes of Supergirl on TV…Kara would finally be able to keep the promise she made to her mother, to protect her young cousin Kal-el, only it’s Kal’s young son, Jonathan/Jason/Jas-El she would be mentoring and protecting! Especially since his powers are a bit erratic, and he’s flying headlong into a hail of bullets that COULD potentially kill him or at least seriously injure him if his invulnerability fizzed out at the wrong moment! I expect that Superboy’s powers will eventually settle down, to where he’s half as powerful as his dad, to where bullets bounce off, but they STING. (That was from an old issue of Superman Jr. I read as a kid. “It’s great having a buddy who’s only tickled by slugs!” –Batman Jr. “More like bee-stings, wise-guy! I’m only half-super, unlike my old man!”–Superman Jr. (Yeah, after all these years, I still remember the dialogue of some of those issues!!!)

    Take care!!!

  • Geoffryn Kaladon

    What is the phone number for DC Comics to talk to t,he writers?

    Seriously, I want to see if you’d consider putting Superboy (Jon Kent/Jas-El) age 10, on an episode of Supergirl this season???