AQUAMAN #20 Review: Death of a King

by Ali Sabra


Carrying on from last weeks spectacular issue, Aquaman #20 is next in line to continue in what I’d like to call “The revival of Aquaman”.

Aquaman #20 is next in line in the Death Of A King arc. We were left very surprised after the events of last month’s issue, with the Frozen King returning to the ocean, Tula and Murk plotting to free former King Orm, and Mera going to meet her husband, Nereus. Aquaman #19 had its work cut out from the beginning. This issue was a nice little one-off featuring Aquaman’s team, The Others. Aquaman, however, scarcely features. Also, neither writer Geoff Johns nor artist Paul Pelletier were on the creative team for this issue, making way for John Ostrander and Manuel Garcia.


This was an entertaining issue with a new and fresh character introduced, and The Others’ charismatic charm rubs off very well. Not to mention there are werewolves in this issue. Yes, I said werewolves. Great story-telling here, and the art was great. The Native American aspect was fresh and well-placed, adding to the diverse nature of the book. It’s a very entertaining story and the quality was consistent issue-wide.  The action scenes were great, as were the interactions between team members.


who doesn’t love WEREWOLVES?



I was very excited to be continuing on from the events of issue #19, and was a bit let down that this issue did not quite address them all. It feels like a filler for the arc, and we hardly see Aquaman at all. The artwork was slightly dull when there were no fight scenes.



Verdict- 3/5




If you take this issue for what it is, you’ll enjoy it very much. However, with the interesting story Aquaman has been building up, I was slightly let down. No matter what, go and buy this issue, as The Others has been one of the most interesting features of the title since Geoff Johns introduced them last year. Aquaman really is becoming one of DC’s best titles.



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