INFINITE CRISIS: Cyborg Joins The Cast & Green Lantern Artwork

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Cyborg joins the cast and Green Lantern artwork as been released. Click the jump to see more.

More character reveals from Warner Bros. Interactive  for its upcoming DC-based PC MOBA game, Infinite Crisis. Today we get a cyborg-409-610glimpse at Cyborg, a former athlete turned superhero that brings some powerful abilities to the game.

Cyborg can blast enemies from a distance with his arm-mounted laser cannon. His tracer-shot attack blasts through multiple enemies, perfect for taking down rows of minions. He packs a electric area-of-effect attack and his ultimate ability is a beefy plasma cannon that devastates enemies in front of him. Cyborb’s weak defenses make him a bit of a glass cannon, but watch the video below for more specifics on his balancing. See the clip below.

They have also released some new Green Lantern artwork showing three variations of the man from across the DC Multiverse: Arcane Green Lantern, Prime Green Lantern, and Atomic Green Lantern. The free-to-play MOBA is schedule for release later this year on PC. See the different variations of Green Lantern below.


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Source- Game Informer, VG247

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