INFINITE CRISIS: Destructible Environments and Catastrophic Events Will Happen

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Infinite Crisis, will feature destructible environments as well as catastrophic events. Click the jump to see more.

According to executive producer of the game, Jeffrey Steefel, “It’s a dynamic experience. You’re not just playing on a chessboard.”

So what does this mean? Well when a character does something in Infinite Crisis, players will be able to have an impact on the map throughout the course of play. Environments are destructible, bridges will collapse and, when players do something in the game world, it will be felt. Basically as players, we can alter/change the map. Here’s more of what Steefel has to say:

 “MOBAs are very strategic games and maps need to be fairly regimented so that they don’t change in a way that benefits one side or the other. So you can’t just change the chessboard completely, but because of that, I think a lot of MOBAs put you in an environment that doesn’t change at all. If I’m playing a superhero or super villain, I feel like I’m going to have an impact on the environment.”

Throughout the game, the map will also be hit with catastrophic events that will happen in the middle of the game — a hurricane-like infinite_crisis.0_cinema_640.0storm or a dramatic, temporary structural change to the map —which act as opportunities for players to turn things around.

Players will be able to see where on the map the catastrophic event will land, and they can avoid it or they can capitalize on it. So, you will most definitely need to have strategy in this game. For those who are just getting into MOBA‘s for the sake of the game, you’re going to have practice, a lot!

Infinite Crisis is currently in open beta. It is free-to-play and will release later this year.

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Source- Polygon

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