EARTH 2: New Villain Called Brutal

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Newest villain to come into The New 52 is coming to Earth 2. Click the jump to see more.

Villains’ month is just around the corner in September. So, it’s time to get some new and old villains rounded up for this coming September. DC Comics has released a new villain for Earth 2 called Brutal. Check out the character below.

According to Bob Harras (DC Editor-in-Chief), he states this about the new character below:

“There’s an incredibly powerful new villain that’ll be showing up soon in the pages of Earth 2But what’s underneath Brutal’s armor – and who is he really?! All that we know for certain is that his shocking true identity will shake Earth 2 to its core ….”

Brutal looks hell of crazy! He’s brolic looking, vicious, and he wears fur as a cape. So, this character will probably be a mythology character. You can expect a really interesting back story behind Brutal and why he’s so…bruuuutaaaal.

Earth 2 has been quite busy with the introduction of Dr. Fate, the New Earth 2 Batman, and with James Robinson (writer of Earth 2) leaving the title on Issue #16. Earth 2 is definitely getting a spotlight this summer. So, why not bring in a new villain to spice things up more? Earth 2 is in a separate universe from the rest of The New 52 however, down the line the title will tie-in with the rest of The New 52 books. For right now, it has pretty good creative freedom to use whom and add whatever character in this book.

The New Earth 2 Batman has been introduced in Earth 2 Annual #1, go pick it and check it out! See the full image of Brutal down below.


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Source- Newsarama 

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